Interior Home Painting

You spend most of your life inside of your home. You want it to be comfortable and a big part of that is your paint job. Colors and details are crucial to every room in the home. Two Men and a Brush specializes in interior painting. We can assist with color selection to complement your fixtures, furniture, and flooring.

We take pride in our attention to detail and providing you with a beautifully painted interior. Our service begins in our preparation. We take care of all the steps, including wiping down baseboards and caulking/taping where necessary. We always employ our two-coat painting process, and we allow our customers to walk us through every inch of the completed job to ensure satisfaction.


Our Interior Painting Services Include:

  • Tarping prime work areas as needed
  • Caulking cracks or repairing as needed
  • Filling in holes
  • Fixing damaged drywall where necessary
  • Removing switch plates
  • Performing glazing
  • Offering color consultations
  • Applying two coats to PDCA specifications
  • Using quality commercial-based paints
  • Ensuring EPA-certified painter preparation and paint usage per EPA laws
  • Cleaning up after the job
  • Walking through the job with the customer upon completion.

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