Special Coatings

Although an incredibly strong surface, concrete is a very porous. An epoxy coating adds durability, allowing for heavy continuous traffic. Epoxy increases the shine of the concrete and when combined with paint, can give a unique look to any interior retail space.  It also resists oil stains and wipes away super clean making it ideal for warehouses and automotive shops.  

In addition to Epoxy another special coating we offer is Intumescent Paint. Intumescent Paint is essentially a layer of fire protectant with an aesthetically pleasing finish, making it a valuable option to almost any business.  


Another special coating we offer is Wink Paint. Have you ever been sitting in your office and had an idea you wanted to sketch but didn't have a whiteboard available to do it on? Wink Paint solves this problem because it essentially turns every wall in your office building into a whiteboard without sacrificing aesthetics. Want to be able to brainstorm at work anytime, anywhere? Then Wink Paint is the perfect option for your business.